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Practical Tips and Tools to Organically Inspire Kids to Love Reading

Strategies for Homeschool Parents to Leverage Books and Nature to Help Children Succeed

Creating a Culture of Literature in Your Home or School

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Every talk I give is specifically customized to the group or organization I’m speaking to. I infuse each speech with statistics, actionable information, and fun.

Looking for an Engaging Speaker?

That’s why I teach actionable, simple tips and strategies for getting kids interested in reading. It doesn’t have to be a struggle! In fact, the earlier you model a love of reading for your child, the more likely it is that they’ll make it a life-long habit.

It’s time to stop debating, nagging and begging, and instead feel yourself swelling with pride as you spot your kid curled up with a book. Soon, instead of imploring your child to open a book, you’ll be hiding a smile when they ignore your third request to turn out the lights and go to bed because they don’t want to stop reading. And then your biggest problem becomes: "Just one more chapter! Please!"

Reading opens doors that nothing else (including technology) can. And I am passionate about helping parents and educators be selective so they can instill and encourage a love of reading in today’s children – because I know it matters.

Parents understand the importance of reading – and we all want our children to succeed in school and in life – but you can’t force a child to read.

Why Talk About Reading?

Brooke Z. M.D., wife and mother

"Katie is a trusted and phenomenal author who can be relied on to provide exciting stories with wonderful messages. Katie's writing has been and will continue to be instrumental in establishing a love for reading and literature in our home."

"As a mom and physician, I'm selective and intentional about what my children are exposed to."

Susan G., mother and grandmother

"Hands-down, the most enjoyable thing I have done with all my children and grandchildren is to read with them — at naptime or bedtime. There is nothing like holding a book in your hands and sharing an adventure with them. Katie's focus on this passion makes me happy."

"I am so thrilled that Katie Mohar shares this passion by writing her blog and writing new classics for kids."

"I've followed Katie's writing for many years and trust her to bring joy into our home."

 "I am so excited to read the new children's book from Katie Mohar. I have two kids and I love to read educational and positive books."

Idevanira S., mother of two


My booking process is customized, but speaking engagements generally start at $2,000 in addition to travel expenses. Please reach out to me to discuss your event!

My talks include a Q&A session after I’m done speaking in order to answer questions and engage with the audience. Parents and teachers are welcome to ask about specific issues or challenges they’re dealing with, and I will share my expert advice and insight. 

Live Q&A

I’ll create a supplemental document that enhances the main points of my talk and makes it easy for participants to remember what they learned once they leave. I don’t print these resources, but I’ll email you a PDF so you may easily print and distribute as a handout.

Custom Resource

Every group has a different audience with their own unique interests and needs, so I individually tailor each speech that I deliver. I typically speak for 20 minutes, as this is an ideal length for holding attention and sharing key points.

Custom Talk

What’s Included in a Speaking Engagement?


Customize an intentional, engaging workshop for children, parents, or the whole family!

Workshop pricing begins at $3,000 (depending on classroom size and duration of the workshop) in addition to travel expenses.

Facilitating a Workshop

Let’s learn about how to choose the right books, fall in love with reading, and bring imagination and outdoor play into our homes.